Brief 3

Semester 1, Brief 3, Flu Vaccine, Brand Identity, Face AR 

“What does a ‘visual identity’ look like and do
when the aim is sustainability*, rather than sales?”
- Taken from Brief 3

Graphic Design Post-2020 / Future of Industry

For this brief we had to create a graphic identity from a chosen subject. We had to target the identity to a audience that doesnt usually interactive with the subject already.
The brand identity needed to have a wordmark / logo, a recognisable colour palette and use of use of imagery / pattern / illustration styles with at least two mock ups.


We were given 6 (six) subjects to choose from which were;
  • Getting a flu jab
  • A specific public library / public libraries in general
  • A nearby town as a staycation destination
  • knowing your rights as a renter
  • Continuing (infomrally, outside of ‘education) to learn new things as an adult
  • Moving your body more
I decided to choose the Geting a flu jab subject as this is something I haven’t really interacted with before and as we’re in the age of mis-infomration I thought it could lead to some interesting development.

Next Steps

For my next steps I began to research current medical related companies/organisations logos and I colour swabbed the key coloures in their logos - this would then help me research colour theory and what colours have connotations with health/care/medical etc.
The majority of logos I looked at the colours were in the blue/yellow/red spectrum as these colours have the most connotations to the medical industry.




Create Urgency
Draw Attention




Affect mood
Awake Awareness


Self Expression


Draw Attention
Inspire Trust
Suggests Precision
Stimulate Productivity
Creates Order

This influenced my colour scheme and I chose the following colours for my brand identity;

I then began to brain storm logo designs. I wanted something that resembled a virus.

I then began to build up each logo in Illustrator to decide which logo to choose.

I decided to choose this logo;

I decided to use this as my logo becuase it resembles a virus but isnt too abstract or too realistic. I didn’t want to choose one of the more realistic ones because, personally I wouldn’t really trust a medical company that had a virus as a logo. Along side this logo I also created a animated version which could be used on websites/applications/other technology based applications either as a loading graphic or just to bring a interactive element to the work.
The animated version can be viewed HERE

Application 1

I decided that my target audience would be younger people who may be confused or not sure whether or not to get the flu jab.
For my first applciation I decided to design a phone application. The premise of the application would be a app that allows the user to link the app to their GP to book vaccine appointments, as misinformation and fake-news is probably the highest its been I decided that the application should have information on the flu vaccine. This way the user can view the information and make informed decisions on true/real information.

There will be 3 (three) pages for the application that will be designed; HOME, INFORMATION and INFORMATION +. The finished application would obviously have more than 3 pages but for prototype purposes I only designed 3.
The home page will show the logo, a welcome message, announcements, upcoming appointments and previous appointments.
The infromation page will show basic Q&A about the vaccine.
The information + page will show more indepth Q&A about the vaccine.

An interactive verison of the application can be viewed HERE To see what parts are interactive view THIS document
(The interactive page can be quite buggy and
doesn’t always work the way it should)

Application 2

Along side the phone application I thought it would be nice to create a social media influence by creating face AR for social media.
I wanted to create simple features and decided to create two.
One will release ‘virus’ particles when the user opens their mouth and the other will have floating ‘virus’ particles around the screen, both will have a message about booking a vaccine appointment.