Brief 4

Semester 1, Brief 4, 

“For this brief you are asked to think about your wider lives, beyond being students on a graphic design course.”
- Taken from Brief 4

Graphic Design beyond problems / People, Places and Interests

For this brief we had to find a topic that we are apart of / a community.
I decided to choose a creative community that I am apart of, as I have a interest for the Art Deco movement and Typography I decided to design and create a Art Deco inspired typeface.


Art Deco

Art deco was a art movement during the 1910’s - 1939’s.
Deco influenced the design of architecture, furniture, jewlery, clothing, moves, transport plus a lot more.

For brief 4 we had to choose a community we’re apart of to focus on, as Art Deco is my favourite design period I believe that I am apart of a community, a art deco community.

As I enjoy designing and making type faces I decided to join the two topic together and create a art deco inspired type face.

Art Deco Key Features

  • Heavy geometric influces
  • Triangular Shapes
  • Zigzags
  • Trapezoidal Shapes
  • Straight and smooth lines
  • Loud and vibrant colours
  • Exaggerated Curves
  • Hard Edges

Next Steps

I first started by designing the capital letters of the typeface. I decded to create a sans-serif font as I believe that this will represent the art deco movement better than a serif font as its more relaxed and creative.
After creating the inital font on a piece of tracing paper I started to add to the letters to make them reflect the art deco style a lot more.

After this I built both fonts up on Illustrator and created the final font. I then took the .SVG files into a font creation software and created the final typeface.

Finished Font

This is the finished font. It can be downloaded and used HERE. (For some reason the font cannot be coloured and will stay black)